House Washing St Ives

Black Tie Cleaning provides professional house washing services in St Ives. With years of experience in the industry and a dedication to professionalism, your house washing experience will be second to none.

If you would like to give your house a fresh new look and are interested in house washing services in St Ives then don’t hesitate to call us on 0418 46 36 30

Services offered in St Ives

External / Exterior cleaning St Ives
House and building / domestic and commercial washdown St Ives
Up to 3 stories high from roof to ground St Ives
All painted surfaces and glass cleaned St Ives
Softwashing ( Non invasive ) St Ives
High pressure water cleaning St Ives
Gutter cleaning St Ives
Graffiti tag removal St Ives
Anti graffiti coatings St Ives
Resealing stencilcrete colour or clear St Ives
St Ives
Minor repairs of coloured and stamped concrete paths or driveways St Ives
Paint revival including colourbond and cladding St Ives
Leaching stains removed St Ives
Leaf stains removed St Ives
Resealing slate and pebblecrete St Ives
Sandstone cleaning St Ives
Paver cleaning St Ives
Tile Cleaning St Ives
Roof Cleaning St Ives